A Dystopian Novel by GS Renfrey

Imagine a world where global warming reaches a tipping point sometime in the next ten years, and runaway warming and drying happen faster than anyone had feared. Imagine a world in which, 20 years from now, everything south of Northern Canada and Russia has become a vast desert and those once frozen tundras are now the breadbasket and last hope of a dying world. Ark Lands Trinity One is a dystopian fiction series that renders a realistic picture of what that world could be like. The series is played out through the lives and ventures of the people of Trinity One, a science community founded in the Canadian North in 2022 in anticipation of the coming cataclysm. Facing opposition from the few remaining corporate cartels and the puppet governments they control, and the dangers of rogue factions and nature herself, they struggle to develop the means to humanity's survival.

Ark Lands Trinity One is at once a warning about the probably consequences of unchecked global warming, a commentary on the inability of politics and commerce to attend effectively to what matters most, and a celebration of the human spirit to retain hope in defiance of the impossible.

Ark Lands Trinity One... Coming soon.