The revised edition of The One Year Marriage is now available in print and Kindle formats. An audio version is in preparation and will be available this winter.

Deep Living: The Art of Profound Being is in preparation. It will be released initially as a series of blogs and podcasts with print and e-book formats to follow.

Please contact Moontide Books if you would like to be notified of their publication.

The One Year Marriage

Deep Coaching

The Dreamers series and the Sarah series are expanding. Book 2 of The Dreamers will be released later this Spring and Book 3 should be in print by early 2023. Book 2 in the Sarah series will also be released later this Spring and Books 3 and 4 are in preparation. Please contact Moontide Books if you would like to be notified when they become available.

The Dreamers Series (a.k.a. Los Sonadores)

Jesse Benatar is a young man at odds with the worlds on both sides of his skin. Haunted by memories of death and violence, he rides a fine line between deliverance and self-destruction. After the death of his father in Afghanistan, the fractured family relocates to his mother's hometown on the Northern California coast. Once there, things quickly go strange for Jesse. The town, at a crossroads between the past and an uncertain future, is divided over a mysterious Spanish colony inhabited by Los Sonadores - The Dreamers.

Jesse is pulled into the middle of the divide by his attraction to a young La Sonadora. She begins to haunt his dreams and when Jesse recognizes a parallel between his dreams and reality, he finds himself in a mystifying world of light and shadow. He learns that some of the inhabitants of urban Gothic tales are quite real, only they're not like those of pop culture - they can be much worse.

The Dreamers
Book 1

The Dreamers
Book 2

Sarah... The Series (a.k.a. The Golden Sands of Isalan)

Isalan... The City of Life. Located in a timeless desert kingdom called Serenia, its colorful characters and busy streets are the backdrop for the beautiful and often daunting life journey of Sarah, a remarkable young girl with an even more remarkable destiny. The stories blend mystery and mysticism with magic and culture as they take you along on Sarah's trials and adventures, events that will help prepare her to fulfill her purpose. In the process, she learns some of life's most important lessons.

Both heartwarming and fun, the Sarah books are a rewarding read. For more information on Sarah and her world visit Sarah's World at "".

Sarah: And So It Begins...
[Book 1]

Sarah: The Journey Continues
[Book 2]

COMING SOON! Pandora's Box - A Semi-Cozy Mystery Series

Pandora's Box. It's a quaint shop, in a century old building, on a historic sidestreet, in the Northern California town of Hook Point. Some might call it a new age store, others a curio boutique, but for those interested in things just outside of normal - those who look deep enough - might discover that Pandora's Box is the real deal. Like it's fabled namesake, within it one might find all variety of the unexpected. Unlike it's namesake, the fruits of discovery are far from curses.

Enter Samantha Draper, the favored niece of Pandora's owner. Sam agrees to take a leave from her totally unsatisfying job in the Bay Area to manage Pandora's while her aunt recovers from an puzzling accident. She no sooner settles in to her new digs and begins to enjoy the ambiance of the coastal town, when she's caught up in a mystery of murder and deception. With a lone tarot card as a clue and the help of her life-long BFF's and a few colorful locals, Sam sets out to solve the case. She soon discovers there are unaticipated depths and paranormal elements to the mystery that place her and her companions in danger. And - of course - there's a cat... two in fact.

Deadly Tarot is the first in a series of Hook Point cozy mysteries.

COMING SOON! Ark Lands Trinity One ... A Prophetic Dystopian Series

In The Works... Ark Lands - Trinity One.

Ark Lands Trintiy One is a dystopian fiction series that depicts a hauntingly plausible view of what life may be like in the event of runaway global warming. A dystopian yet hopeful view of humankind's strugle to survive in a drying, dying world.

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