So let me tell you a little about my professional life-work, the services I offer, my philosiophy about healing and change, and the areas of practice that I prefer to focus on. Technically, I'm a clinical psychologist, personal coach, and certified holistic health care professional. For more than 25 years, I've helped clients work their vital edges and craft integral life change. From coaching, to counselling, to deep therapy, I offer clients a full spectrum of services to match their needs.

I believe that we each have the capacity to create and maintain an authentic and deeply satisfying life. This belief isn't a manifestation of wishful thinking or the new millennium narcissism; it is founded on a deep, reality-based appreciation of just what we are capable of... all of us. The corollary of that, of course, is that nothing is more common in this world than great potential. Why then, do so few people seem to create truly amazing lives for themselves? A few of the most common reasons are this: many do not believe they have the abilities they do; many don't know what they really want out of life; and many who do know what they want don't know how to move their lives in that direction. Probably the greatest hinderace, however, is that in our Western culture we tend to look for what we deeply want and truly need in all the wrong places. My personal vision of this extraordinary life is found in the concept of Deep Living. which you will find information on elsewhere in this site.

I've coached clients on a wide range of life endeavours, most of which has taken place in the context of providing counselling and therapy. I provide dedicated coaching, however, and my current preferences are holistic lifestyle enhancements, achieving happiness and balance, and writing. The overarching goal of my coaching is to help people create a better game in life to play, with better goals to play for, and I beleive if they are not having fun playing at life, they're just not doing it right. Coming Soon: I'll be creating a series of blogs and podcasts on Deep Living, the One Year Marriage model for relationships, and on creating True Wealth for one's self and loved ones. Don't worry, the latter is not another formula for getting rich financially... it's much, much better.

Regarding counselling and therapy, I am officially a gerneralist and have helped people with most forms of psychological / behavioural problems; however, areas of particular expertise include holistic health care and posttraumatic stress reactions. In addition, I created the One Year Marriage model and counsel couples who wish to follow its principles. I have placed my license to practice psychology in the State of California (PSY 18522) on inactive status for the time being, but remain registered as a psychologist in the Province of Ontario (CPO #2986).

So, please take a look around, explore the rest of the site. If you come to beleive I can help you, you can contact me by way of the contact page.

Axioms of Change

The following are a few of the principles that have influenced me and continue to guide my personal life and professional services.

  • Axiom 1: We have the capacity to change and transform our lives in almost any conceivable manner. We can manifest desired change in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves; improve our social lives and finances, and alter our physical environments in the most profound ways. Limitations to such changes may exist, but perceived limitations are often illusory or minimal, and sometimes dissolve when we take transformative action.
  • Axion 2: Regardless of our life circumstances, we can adjust in such a way that we can be at peace with life as it presents itself. When desired changes cannot be made or are slow in coming, we can adjust positively to what life has presented us with. Healing from dis-ease is a choice between changing that which we can change, and coming to peace with that which we cannot or choose not to change.
  • Axiom 3: We create our own suffering. We may not cause an injury or the pain it produces; however, realize it or not we are in control of the amount of suffering we experience. The primary ways we create our suffering is through thinking and acting along variations of attachment and non-acceptance. Even when a degree of suffering seems inevitable, our clinging to ideas of how our life should be otherwise and non-acceptance of life as it presents itself, magnifies and prolongs this suffering needlessly. When we do not accept undesirable life events, we avoid our deepest reactions to them, close our minds and hearts to the experience, and thereby cut off our inner healing ability in the process.
  • Axiom 4: Healing and change best start out with a non-judgemental acceptance of the way things are at present. Accepting our selves and others as we are, embracing life as it is, is not complacency... It's simply an acknowledgement of reality that clears a path to choice, healing, and true freedom. By practising this we can tap into a boundless reservoir of transformative potential, and open the door to healing. Change can then occur naturally and often more easily that you might expect.