By training, I'm a clinical psychologist, coach, certified holistic health care practitioner, and yoga instructor. By avocation, I've studied zoology, socio-biology, cultural anthroplogy, and diverse traditions of spirituality. In conjunction with lifelong meditation and yoga practices, these have helped me develop a holistic perspective on the human condition. For over three decades I've helped people work their vital edges and craft integral life change. From coaching, to counselling, to deep therapy, and most recently intruction in Intuitive Yoga, I provide an integrated spectrum of services.

I believe that we each have the capacity to create and maintain an authentic and deeply satisfying life. This belief isn't a manifestation of wishful or the New Age thinking; it is founded on a deep, reality-based appreciation of just what we are capable of... all of us. The corollary of that, of course, is that nothing is more common in this world than great potential. Why then, do so few people seem to create truly amazing lives for themselves? A few of the most common reasons are this: many do not believe they have the abilities they do; many don't know what they really want out of life; and many who do know what they want don't know how to move their lives in that direction. Probably the greatest hinderace, however, is that in our Western culture we tend to look for what we deeply want and truly need in all the wrong places. My personal vision of this extraordinary life is found in the concept of Deep Living. which you will find information on elsewhere in this site.

Coaching and clinical services are related yet different in several important ways. As mentioned above, my services range from coaching to counselling to deep therapy, and this reflects a continuum of professional assistance. An important distinction between these lies in the degree to which the client is able to engage in mindful endeavour toward a desired end.
At one end lies coaching, wherein clients are usually doing well in life and have the skills and knowledge to effect desired change but seek the support and perspective of a professional to assist them. At the other end lies therapy, wherein clients are often experiencing emotional distress and face significant blocks in their ability to change.

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NEW! I have practiced the art of yoga since my teens and in the years since I've invariably recommended yoga to my family, friends, and clients. I decided recently, however, to take that a step further and become certified yoga instructor (Yoga Alliance RYT200). Keep an eye out for more articles and audiocasts on yoga in the coming months.

Ongoing: I've been in the process of creating an expanding series of medatation recordings that are available at no cost through Insight Timer and SoundCloud. Links to these can be found in this website on the Audiocasts page.

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The secret to change is not to focus your energy on fighting the old, but on building the new - Socrates
If you're not having fun at the game of life, perhaps you're not playing it right.