Sarah: And So It Begins

Sarah: And So It Begins is the first book in the Sarah high fantasy series.

Isalan - City of Life. Located in the timeless desert kingdom of Serenia, its colorful characters and busy streets are the setting for the beautiful and often daunting life journey of Sarah, a remarkable young girl with an even more remarkable destiny. These stories blend mystery and mysticism with magic and culture as they take you along on Sarah's trials and adventures, events that will help prepare her to fulfill her purpose. In the process, she learns some of life's most important lessons.

The odyssey begins with The Storyteller of Tarakesh. In this tale, Sarah is introduced as a young girl of nine. A mysterious storyteller from the malevolent city of Tarakesh arrived in Isalan and feeds her thirst for adventure with tales like she has never before heard. Hopelessly enchanted, Sarah does not realize they were created for her, that they entwine with her own destiny. At the same time, young girls are vanishing around the city and she soon recognizes a common link with each disappearance. The storyteller's tales haunt Sarah as she becomes aware of an uncanny similarity between them and events unfolding around her. A tangled web of intrigue and mystery grows until the climactic end.

The saga continues with The Garden of Setna. The tale begins when an eccentric old woman leads Sarah and her friend Raina into a forbidden part of the city. They are shown an unusual carpet that then reveals a long held secret to Raina, who will say nothing about it. As a mystery takes shape around the carpet, Sarah in convinced that Raina is in peril. A race through the city, a visit to an old sorcerer, a mysterious orb that guides Sarah to a secret garden few have ever seen, lead to a dramatic climax.

Finally, in The Rock of Insanity Sarah's strength and courage are tested as she fights against one of nature's greatest forces. In the process, she faces a choice between safety and sacrifice. The tale ends with a deep teaching about life, time, and healing.

Book 1 - And So It Begins... is now available in PRINT, and --> KINDLE formats. For more information on Sarah and her world visit Sarah's World.