Los Sonadores: Book 1 - Return

Jesse Benatar is a young man at odds with the worlds on both sides of his skin. Haunted by memories of death and violence, most of which he had never witnessed, he rides a fine line between deliverance and self-destruction.

His family, ravaged by his father's PTSD and fractured by his death in Afghanistan, relocates to his mother's hometown on the Northern California coast. Once there, things quickly go strange for Jesse. The town, at a crossroads between the past and an uncertain future, is divided over a mysterious Spanish colony inhabited by Los Sonadores - The Dreamers.

Jesse is pulled into the middle of the divide by his attraction to a young La Sonadora. She begins to haunt his dreams and when Jesse recognizes a parallel between his dreams and reality, the distinction between those two worlds blurs. The mystifying world of light and shadow in which he finds himself, challenges his beliefs about himself, life, and the concepts of good and evil.

Sample Review: The Dreamers by G. Stephen Renfrey is by far the most interesting novel I have read in a while... Jesse is an incredible character; he is resilient, strong, and full of deep emotions. The mystery of the society is intriguing and well formed. There is no fault in this novel. Intriguing, astonishing, astounding! ~ Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Book 1 - Return is now available in PRINT, and KINDLE formats.