The Dreamers: Book 2 - Retribution

Retribution is the second book of the The Dreamders series. The misfortune that has befallen his friends at the outset compels Jesse to take on The Dark Ones, and solve the enigma of the Cave of Prophesies. In doing so, he's drawn deeper into the macabre and dangerous world of Santiago, and through this dark mentor he learns of a family secret that's a total game changer.

As his awareness of the metaphysical world of The Dreamers grows, Jesse's reality shifts in unexpected ways. He learns that some of the inhabitants of urban Gothic tales are quite real, only they're not like those of pop culture - they can be much worse.

Jesse's quest leads him to the very heart of The Colony,to a place seen only once before by an outsider. There he learns that he may have a key role in things foretold centuries before, and must choose between a path of destiny and a path of desire. The tale builds to a double climax: one that sees the ancient conflict between Los Sonadores and Los Oscuros set ablaze; the other that threatens to bring healing or ruin to Jesse's circle.

Sample Review: The Dreamers is almost a genre unto itself with how each aspect of it is unique to itself. The Dreamers has a well crafted plot line, realistic dialogue, and well developed characters... I am very glad that I took the time to read The Dreamres as it is a book I will always remember... I have never read a book that could in any way compare to it. ~ Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite

Book 2 - Retribution is available in PRINT and, KINDLE format.