Pandora's Box: A Hook Point Imperfectly Cozy Mystery

Pandora's Box. It's a quaint shop in a century-old building on a historic side street in the Northern California town of Hook Point. Some might call it a new-age store, others a curio boutique, but those seeking things just outside of normal, who look deep enough, might find that Pandora's is the real deal. Like its fabled namesake, within its walls one might find all variety of the unexpected. Unlike it's namesake, however, the fruits of discovery are far from curses.

Enter Samantha Draper. She's a 28-year-old reluctant empath in a dead-end job at the tail of a string of dead-end romances. She's also the favored niece of Pandora's owner. When a puzzling accident befalls her aunt, Sam agrees to take a leave from her work to manage Pandora's while her aunt recovers. She no sooner settles in and begins to enjoy the ambiance of the town when things go sideways, as in, a couple of murders and a creepy feeling that she might be next.

With the help of her lifelong ride-or-die friend Kitt and a handful of colorful locals, Sam sets out to solve the case. She soon discovers there are unanticipated depths and paranormal elements to the mystery—like maybe werewolves really are a thing. And, of course, there's a purrfect feline to grace the tale—actually four of them.

Pandora's Box is a fun, quirky, and sometimes humorous mystery with cozy and paranormal elements. If you like books that blur the edges of genres, look no further - Pandora's Box may have something you've been looking for.

Pandora's Box is available in PRINT, and KINDLE format.